FAQ - Capital Cleaning
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Why should I use Capital Cleaning for my oven cleaning?

You will get excellent value for money oven cleaning. Our technicians will treat you and your home with respect, taking care to put dust sheets down and will remove their shoes or use shoe covers to protect your flooring.

What can Capital Cleaning do that I can’t do myself?

With Capital Cleaning you will get an amazing Oven Cleaning experience – the majority of ovens genuinely do come up like new. You will be amazed and you can enjoy your leisure time and not spend it doing the most hated household job!

Capital oven cleaning does much more than you would do yourself – cleaning areas you do not see on a daily basis, which is why we quote between one and three hours to do a thorough job.

Can you clean self-cleaning ovens?

Yes. Many ovens have self-clean interiors and/or liners. The coatings are designed to burn off debris but many of these ovens do not reach high enough temperatures to do this. This means that many liners are hiding the grease and fat behind them and this can be a cause of fire. Your Capital Cleaning technician will clean behind these items and therefore remove the potential fire risk – particularly around the heating element.

Are Capital Cleaning fully insured?

Yes, we are covered for 3rd party and public liability, plus the items that we are cleaning are also covered so you have complete peace of mind.

What oven cleaning training have your technicians had?

All Capital Cleaning technicians complete a one-week training course covering all of the items that Capital Cleaning clean.

What other items do you clean?

We also clean hobs, extractor hoods, microwaves, and BBQs.

Do your technicians carry spares?

Yes. Our technicians carry bulbs and filters and some seals. If we don’t have what you need on the van we can order it for you.

How often will my oven need professionally cleaning?

This depends on how often you use it. For a general oven, used daily, we would suggest three times a year.

Are there any dangerous fumes and does it smell?

No, we use only non-caustic products in your home.

Do you clean the glass door?

Yes. We clean the glass door both inside and out, including between the glass panels where possible.

Do you clean stainless steel?

We clean all types of cookers and ovens. We use a polish on stainless steel to bring back its shine.

How soon can I use my oven after the clean?

Immediately. Your oven is ready for use as soon as we leave!

For more information call: 01522 577677